It’s wedding season and many couples (and their parents) are gearing up for the big day and everybody is all smiles. But what is the number #1 issue most married couples face? It is finances. “Fifty percent of marriages end in divorce these days and finances are almost always a major contributing factor” says Stewart Welch.

People come to a marriage with different financial backgrounds very few young couples take the time to discuss finances: who pays what bills; joint accounts or separate; how much to save; credit cards, debt, student loans. Do you pay cash for a car or take a loan. These are just a few of the financial issues that young couples face and in this economy, having the ability to have an open and frank conversation about finances are an important part of marital success and happiness.

Even though many young couple feel like they may not have the assets to routinely work with an advisor, it may make smart money sense to give a gift to the young couple – a gift of a financial planner. It could be just a short meeting or a full plan – but at least it would give the young couple a road map for a successful financial future together.