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Life Insurance

Many are simply unaware of the need for life insurance. Although many large companies provide life insurance as part of their benefits package, this coverage may be insufficient. We help our clients find the right level of coverage and the right policy to meet their needs. By assessing what you need for life insurance, we’ll be better able to help you protect the people you love.

Health Insurance & Medicaid

Health insurance and Medicaid is a vital part of caring for your health in retirement. Once you retire, not only do your daily schedule and budget change, but so do your health needs and coverage. After retiring, most people aren’t covered by their employer’s health care policy, so it’s important to prepare financially for health care costs.

Long-term Care Insurance

Having to spend your nest egg on long-term care, which can easily reach hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending on the quality and length of the care, is not what you’ve been saving for throughout your career. Long-term care insurance covers the cost of health care that extends long beyond a typical hospital stay and protects your savings in the process.

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