Death and Taxes

Surviving the Perfect Storm

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Death and Taxes

It’s Not About How Much You Make — It’s About How Much You Keep.

Death and Taxes provides valuable insight into creating a financial plan to carry readers throughout their lifetime.

Taxes are a huge part of planning for retirement. Losing 30-40% of your retirement savings to taxes is not likely the kind of retirement you expect. In “Death and Taxes,” you’ll find tax strategies you may not know about from your accountant or financial advisor.

Mike believes the time for tax planning is now. The cost of taxes in retirement is likely to go up in the future, which is why we believe now is the time to take advantage of lower tax and new retirement acts.

Let “Death and Taxes” be your first step. Order now so you can begin planning for a better retirement.

Surviving the Perfect Storm

What Will It Take To Weather Life’s Storms?

Everyone has financial storms to face. That could mean feeling the stress and hardship of market loss. Maybe it’s making sure you have a more secure, predictable retirement income stream so you don’t run out of money. It could be making a plan for the high cost of nursing home or catastrophic illness. Or maybe it’s simply wanting to make sure your spouse and family are cared after you’re gone?

Whatever storm you’re facing, Mike Canet’s first best-selling book can help offer guidance. Get your copy today!