Michael Canet JD LLM, is a financial planner, estate planning attorney and host of The Savvy Investor TV and Radio Show, where he and Savvy Investor guests help listeners create, grow, and preserve their wealth. In this blog post, Canet discusses the new fad, robo-advising.

Glen Burnie, MD – January 21, 2015 – Estate planning attorney and host of The Savvy Investor TV and radio show, Michael Canet JD LLM, recently published a blog post on The Savvy Investor website on traditional fourth quarter behavior for the market in a mid-term election year like 2014. In the blog post, “Why You Don’t Want Robo-Advising for Retirement” Canet notes that while online advising services are tempting, they don’t actually know you.

Canet writes, “It’s not that I don’t like the idea of simplifying financial matters (because that would indeed be awesome). What is worrisome is that I’m not sure financial planning is supposed to be one-click and done. Robo-advising eliminates a dialogue between you and your advisor, and instead simply dispenses advice, no questions on your part asked.”

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About Michael Canet JD LLM:

Michael Canet, JD LLM, is a financial planner and estate planning attorney specializing in family legacies and is a founding member of Prostatis Financial Advisors Group, LLC. Canet is the #1 Amazon best-selling author or two books, Successonomics (with Steve Forbes) and Surviving the Perfect Storm: How to Create a Financial Plan That Will Withstand Any Crisis, and has been featured on The Wall Street Journal, Fox News, and USA Today. He is also host of the nationally syndicated television show, The Savvy Investor, and The Savvy Investor radio show on WCBM 680AM. His approach, both on and off The Savvy Investor shows, is distinguished by clear and concise answers that are accessible to the people who need to understand them most: retirees.

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