Thinking about the new Self + 1 now available during open season?

Blue Cross-Blue Shield’s standard plan will offer three options: Non-postal workers will pay $100.18 biweekly for the self-only option; $238.24 for the family plan and $231.31 for the S+1 option. The government will continue to pay about 70 percent of the total premium.     The Blues’ basic plan next will will offer the self only option to employees for $68.48 biweekly; family coverage for $164.20, and the S+1 option for $160.75. Less, but not much less.

The Office of Personnel Management’s special Open Season number is open — 800-332-9798 — though if you have trouble getting through, you and thousands of others are in the same boat. Visit OPM’s premiums site, or head to your Human Resources office for answers.

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